Press Release

Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation Donates $70,000 Toward BSW, Inc.'s Facility Consolidation

BSW, Inc. is a non-profit organization serving developmentally disabled adults in Butte, Dillon and Anaconda. In October 2006, the building housing the existing BSW's manufacturing division experienced some major structural deterioration. At the same time, BSW's day services program was experiencing severe overcrowding. To address these issues, the Board of Directors of BSW directed John Pahut, Executive Director, to explore the idea of consolidating the entire range of services provided by BSW into one facility which would allow BSW to serve 100% of the developmentally disabled population inthe region.

According to John Pahut, "Consolidation of our service programs would open the door for the organization to expand its capacity, not simply in square footage, but also by broadening opportunities for our consumers. In the new facility, consumers who were involved in the shredding, mailing, and marketing activities would then be able to easily transition into the manufacturing facility. We can get consumers involved in vocational work that before would have required transportation across town" said Pahut.

The grant from the Washington Foundation has enabled BSW to move forward with its facility renovation and allow BSW to purchase a pellet machine process creating new jobs for our consumers. "We saw this as a real opportunity to be the catalyst to helping one of Butte's signature human service organizations expand their day services and employment opportunities to developmentally disabled individuals. John Pahut and the Board should be commended for their vision and commitment to this underserved population. We are honored to partner with them to make this happen," said Mike Halligan, Executive Director of the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation.BSW cooks lunches for approximately 160 individuals daily and the grant will also allow us to purchase new kitchen equipment.

After presenting the $ 70,000 check to John Pahut, Tad Dale, from Montana Resources in Butte, said he was very pleased to help an organization whose mission is to make the lives of its consumers brighter and more productive. My fellow employees at Montana Resources and the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation realize the importance of having vocational opportunities for the developmentally disabled adults in our community. With the expansion of these vocational opportunities, each individual's self esteem is increased and personal accomplishment is achieved.